Saturday, June 17, 2006

HornyRonnee's Bday!

Naz, Sheanz and I were there the night before for the MyAustralianAdventure "wrap" dinner. Serves excellent food! Decently priced too.
Geez...get a room!

Adidas = AkuDampingiIkauDarrenApaSahaja!

The cake! RM75 from Sheraton. Ayu was my excuse!Stood in the rain while waiting for one of the waiters to collect it from me.... quite embarrassing I must admit!

The horniest, funniest, loving married couple I have ever had the honor of knowing!

The ever-gorgeous Anis

Incredible hulk in purple
(a pressie from Shanghai *we'll go to that retail shop Sheanz*)

Tender moment

My piece of the cake.

Happy Birthday dear friend! Peace!

Felt a bit blue, so decided to perk myself up by posting some happy "kodak" moment pix on my blog!

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