From one journalist to another

"Don't ask for permission, seek forgiveness"

In an unrelated topic, I forgive you. I really do. And I hope one day you will forgive me too. I apologize if I had offended you or had mishandled the situation.
One day, perhaps on my dying day, you will realize the whats, the whys and the hows.

When I die, I had asked my pals to make sure mummy tells the 'makeup artist' to put false eyelashes on me.
Never got used to wearing them...but I reckon when I'm dead, won't feel the discomfort.


1. False eyelashes and 'nude-coloured' makeup for me
2. White rolled up shirt with my fave jeans (tucked in, kindly put a nice big belt that will match the colour of my boots)
3.If I die drowning and too bloated to fit into my fave jeans, white simple dress please
4. my pearl earrings
5. white rosary
6. Hair placed on one side
7. those who come to pray for me at church, kindly wear white and red
8. No mourning, I'd like to think that I'm safe with HIM
9.Pray for my family and loved ones, cause they are the ones who need the prayers
10. Nazzie is not reading my eulogy!


  1. Ha, great post! :) So, I would like to share my recent find - a great video on how to apply false eyelashes. It's indeed quite easy if you follow the video. Stay beautiful, sisters! :)


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