Form 5 vs Veteren

I went for my Basic Blocx Climbing 5 hour course on Sunday, and found two new friends. SzeYun and Kevin.
The first 2 hours was spent on theory-- which was quite interesting -- learnt the many types of cabarabinas, harnesses and ropes available. And the other 2hours was the actual climb.
In between theory and the climb, we were given a one hour break, so I invited Sze Yun and Kevin for lunch together. So Kev and I started choosing the restaurants we could go, while SzeYun remained quiet. After choosing a spot, we heard her voice, "I can't take meat". So we told her to choose the restaurant "cause we're flexible". It took sometime for her to decide, so being the seniors in the group, Kev and I chose Dave'sDeli cause "the vegetarian food here is not too bad". Then she voiced out again, "isn't it a bit too pricey?"
It then hit me. At the age of 27, I no longer feel the pinch of having to be stingy with my money when it comes to food. I could choose to go to a japanese buffet that costs RM 200 per person and not cringe (provided the array of food is good la...) - but back then, when I was her age, I remember working my french-laced panties ( it was triumph white cotton undies) off waitressing at the 5 star hotel, just so I could buy my own pair of blades! (ya..ya..and my Christopher Pike novels).
The memories of the days when I waited on tables, danced and emcee-ed back in highschool and Uni came flooding by. I do not have any regrets in my life. The sweet sour bitter memories spices up my otherwise, dull life.
Form 5. That was 11 years ago. Strangely, it feels like only yesterday that I had to 'chalk white' my pallas jazz and iron my 'designer' pinafore (I had secret pockets sewn in, and my skirt was designed to be more 'flary'-- for that "grease lightening effect"!ha ha ha ha)
Sigh...I'm a happy person. Are you? =)