Cheesy Corn on Sunday!

Went for the Dive today and as I was leaving, 'bumped' into Harith.
Pleasantries first...

" was the dive?"
"'re going for yours later?"
"Ok...take care!"
" too!"

How totally proffessional. =)

After the Cert Ceremony (felt like such a school kid again!), had some sponge cake. Then my phone buzzed.


Yes, we are truly blessed to be able to experience the things we do.
With an able body, a promising career, a family who loves me, a man waiting patiently for me, friends who I am very grateful for -- I am one lucky lady! And even though the graze has deepened (took the communicator mask again -- once bitten, quite obviously, still not shy!) and my face has a rectangular red 'mole' on my left chin-- I still smile cheerily on!

After the dive, was feeling very, very tired (woke up way too early for a Sunday, went for a meeting (another potential job? Yay!) and then straight to KLCC for the dive).
I was not really looking forward to the long drive to the airport to see mum who was leaving from Melaka to Tawau. But as soon as mum spotted me from afar-- my heart burst in slight guilt, more joy to see her tiny framed body bouncing in joy, pointing me to her friends.

Took her to makan at Eden and she kept on ordering all the 'cheap' dishes.
"Mahal gia ni Pon"
Though we only spent less than an hour together, it was such pure enthralling joy, seeing her smile from ear to ear telling me about her 'promotion' and her graduation on the 17th of September.
Am so very proud of her!
Her friends were telling me that "your mummy is the top student in the class--an A student!"

As she blushed and stammered her modest reply " eii..tamberang gia tu.." I hugged her and said "of course she's the top student..she's my mother!" I saw the tables turning (again?). I was the parent, and she the child.

So, yeah.
I agree with you dear Harith, we are blessed.
And that vision of mummy smiling from ear to ear, waving at me with her bobbing glasses, her funny way of walking -- 'wobbling' to hug me-- I wouldn't exchange this feeling for the world, and that's THAT!

Corny I know..but damn! That felt good!