Saturday, June 10, 2006

Borneo People rock!

This picture was taken at Embun and I had so much fun with this shoot 1. cause Betty is a riot - Borneo people have always had a special bond hence the great chemistry and 2. the photographer, also a Sarawakian - was kind with constructive criticisms and I learnt a thing or two about the political world.

A lot of things have happened since my last entry.
Billy passed away. His head was literally no longer there. Im not sure if Sparticus had something to do with the headless wonder. So strange.

I lost a very close family friend last week. He drowned in Babagon. Fishy Speculation going on but when we went to pay our last respects, all I could think of was ' life is way too short to be anal-- just live life and to hell with the 'downers''

Another Sarawakian (ex)colleague? plans to leave.

Decisions decisions....

I don't know....things are just getting too weird. Stories being made up--- assumptions that are misleading. I've been silent for too long, but how long can I handle such crap?I thought I told her what she needs to know. For the betterman of everyone.
Bak kata Orang Melayu, siapa makan cili, dia rasa pedas.
She must have downed a few red, hot chillis
And I sympathize with her.
Its as if, she constantly needs to prove her self worth.
Told her, to stop and ponder...don't take things too personally.
We'll wait till Monday. Till then, I have an indoor gym to conquer, another 'fortunate' subject to makeover, loads of work to be completed, an article to write and a house to clean.

Thank God its Friday kan?

germany vs costa

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