Saturday, June 10, 2006

Borneo People Rock Part2!

Mami and I

Sheanz, Naz and I spoke to mami about her sudden decision to leave.

By Monday we will know. Perhaps a trip to Kuching will do her better?

Found this while browsing the net:

and found this excerpt quite true:

Use humor to defuse a confrontation. By responding with humor to a defiant student, the teacher signals to that student in a face-saving manner that his or her behavior is not yet so disruptive or confrontational as to be a violation of the behavior code. The student can join the teacher in laughing off the event and return to participation in class activities. Instructors should exercise caution, though, when using humor to defuse confrontations. First, teachers should never use humor in a sarcastic or teasing manner, as the student is quite likely to feel disrespected and become even angrier as a result (Walker, 1997). Second, if an instructor employs humor successfully to defuse a tense situation with a student, the adult should still make it a point to meet with the student privately later to talk about the incident and to ensure that the student understands the inappropriateness of his or her confrontational behavior (Braithwaite, 2001). Above all, the teacher does not want the student to feel 'rewarded' with humor for confronting the adult, as this response may actually make the student more likely to react aggressively toward the teacher in the future.

It's THIS special ingredient that makes inb 'mami'...sigh. We really should sit down and talk.

dinkydoinkywinkywoinky ziggazigga aaaa.....*poops*

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