Sunday, May 7, 2006

update March 09 - Frenemies Ep 11

So many updates.

Remember my March 09 entry? Where our conversation took place whilst eating our 'vegetable pork'?

Well...QueenNef has moved on with her life. No longer does she feel sad about her 'breakup' and I am so glad cause its about time she realized that he was not worth her tears and sadness.

She still refers to the other woman as the 'bitch'-- not in a condescending way of course ("alah...dah panggil dia selama nie macam tu...its like her nickname la...") but she seems to be at the top of the game again! Yaysters for orang negeri9! She is back with a naughty glint in her eye and do I see (gasp!) lipstick on your face again?

Speaking of bitch-- the funniest thing happened on TBS while we had Edwin Sumun as our guest on set. Love him to bits! Definately a charming man of wit and a sharp tongue to boot! (well hullo Nigel!)

Anywaysssss... Edwin being edWIN was gaily being himself -- and even thoughNazzie and I were prepared for the worst-- we could not keep this pink-fuschia skeleton in the closet! The words "Bitches and shit" oozed out from his mouth like icecream melting on a hot summer day! santa maria... Did anyone really notice to care? Thank God No.

Ok...back to Frenemies...

I told her that Joyce is J's current beau and he is happy now. She is not a bitch.

Even when friends who have heard what have happened tell me, "that BITCH!" I tell, to be fair to her, she has a good head and a serene presence- she makes him happy, so I am happy for their happiness...I can't make him smile like she can -- hey..its cool dude...really!"


True love is about letting go of the one you love with a smile and good wishes- so he/ she can be happier. If his/her partner makes the one you love, laugh, smile and be his potential best; then kudos to them and be happy for them.


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