Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Today has been a hectic day. Started very early cause Sheanzie had to replace Nazzie so I came in for make up an hour earlier. The show went on fine, and surprisingly, I had more fun on set with Sheanz than what I would normally have with Nazzie...

The 'day' started with a very strange sms from ---, but I ignored it and slept right thru it. And then of course, I went for makeup at 5ish and the show with Sheanz @ Ah Lian (Chink+Aussie..geddit?) . Postmortem right after, auditions with 2 Djs, previewed my Niketape, went for lunch with Sheanz, came back for a meeting with Sof, long chat with Producer2, finished scripts, (late for dinner appointment..sorry...), edit/VO and now doing research for tomorrows GOS. Still here at the office, tired like hell, but need to complete everything before I fly off...

Taking a breather cause feeling rather numb.
Emotions and physical fatique I think.

Today has not ended, but I feel some way or another that it has....physically at least.

The only thing that is motivating me is my shopping spree coming soon......... ooh..which reminds me, need to pay my remainder balance for my credit card RM38.60!


I had something to update, but my eyes are tired now. Best go home.

Btw, Paris is staying with me till mummy comes back. She reminds me of a malnourished baby kangaroo. China and Brazil looks humongous beside her. She can bee bop, yap, shake her tail and roll all at once. I know....its tough to imagine, but Paris can indeed do just that!

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  1. just saw you on santai just now. it was great.
    visit my blog sometimes ya.