Saturday, May 6, 2006

Should you be friends with an ex?

I was a guest on WanitaHariIni alongside with Jehan, Tony and Fazura and being amongst friends, the discussion was a blast! In conclusion, it is okay to be friends with an ex-- but it really depends on the situation:

Here is an answer by Island Girl:

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It depends on the type of ex. If it s an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, it s better not to be friends. Reasons include:

- You might become their "booty call"
- They might use you to make their current sig other jealous, i.e. show up unannounced asking for a cuddle because they had a fight
- You will feel jealous when you see him/her with someone else
- You might have trouble finding a new bf/gf--who wants to date someone with an ex hanging around all the time?

On the other hand, if it s an ex-husband/wife and you have children, it might be in the best interest of the children that you are on friendly terms with each other.


I am friends with almost all my exes. Yes, even the one who used to leave me blue black.

Why do I remain friends with them? Only because the friendship was worth keeping. Some might have been horrible cheats or verbally abusive -- but take away the bad, they were still some good moments I cherish. Of course, some of their current beaus are not too keen on them being pals with me -- even if its strictly platonic-- and I respect that, so yes, I am no longer 'friends' with them. But if we were to bump to each other on the streets, I won't completely ignore the ex -- that's just being plain silly.

Would I be comfortable if my current man is still good friends with his ex?
It really depends; trust is very important -- it is afterall the key ingredient in a solid relationship-but if the ex of the beau still harbours feelings for him, then yes; I would voice out my concerns. Only because it would be unfair for my beau to allow leading her on- even if his intentions are good.

If the ex is the father of your child, it would be ideal for you to remain friends or at least cordial to one another for the benefit of the children.

Jehan said, the ideal thing would be to be friends with all of your exes. Fazura disagreed and the 2 Borneo guests remained neutral. Interesting debate and just got an sms from the big boss forwarded by the Producer for the Day saying "good show...should of let them discuss longer".

Should you be friends with an ex? Yes, you should, but not all. Sometimes, its best to just forgive, forget and move on...

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