Monday, May 22, 2006


Brazil is recovering from some skin disease. His medicine has left his fur matted and full of knots. I could not brush the knots out anymore. So, I decided the only way to remove the knots were to cut them off.

On Sunday morning, I spent my half hour grooming my pup. Brazil laid on my lap (covered with my malaymail newspaper) quietly as I started removing the knots on his fur. Somehow or another, I got carried away. I was aiming for a mohican look. But a poodle oriented cut got inspired instead.

My brother was shocked when he came home. Sheahnee was devastated and my 'subject' who came to my house in the evening for her 'mini makeover' was mortified! " are not going to cut my hair right?"

I think he looks handsome and younger. He shivers a lot though...guess he's not used to going commando. Sheanzie says I'm mean. I think I'm doing him a favor. Now he can run faster and he doesn't have to pant silly on a hot day!

China's fur looks inviting....

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