Tuesday, May 23, 2006

half of me friends having delicious food

ImanHill, Nazzie,Nurul and Lin
The day that Anis tells us about Ronnee's new do and love for arts,
The day Farah Fawcett (back in the hey-day look) comes back in the wrong era,
The day Ain falls asleep on the table,
The day Linduts comes with a smile on her face when we tell her about the baby shower,
The day Nurul shares the secret to having blond 'but' black hair,
The day Iman is beriman,
The day Nazzie is 'back to normal'
The day I see I have a bunch of friends who love me.
*Had an interesting talk with EndonM too. Lucky swine you!*

1 comment:

  1. yes we do love you heaps ponny.

    thanks for sharing your life with us and for letting us share ours with you.