Sunday, May 7, 2006

2 sides of a coin

I truly believe in this saying. There is always two sides of a story.

Some have heard ours, some might of heard theirs.

Whatever it is, it does not matter because what's done is done - the decision has been made -so go 'all speed ahead!'

Those who were on the small island when it happened would know best what I am talking about. Things are so unpredictable...but that's life for you

Scenic bridges? Plans kept on postponing, not cancelled -but now its a definate No Go.

So always ask 2 sides of a story. It might help lessen emotional as well as financial stress ...

oh...and with the words of the (in)famous NI, "Get your facts right first dude"...

And YES. Dr M is back whether we like it or not. (good article OY!)

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