Sunday, May 7, 2006

1 hour silence

Do I regret anything in my yesterdays?

Every bitter sweet moment has been an enjoyable one. I've learnt from the bad, cherished the good. Very cliche I know, but its how I honestly feel inside.

Its 9am in the morning, need to get ready for church in a bit. The pups have just been fed and I am taking this 1 hour exercise 'taught' to me via this book - Sphere of Silence.

The first part of the hour is Retrospection - a postmortem of yesterday:-

We don't want to face the mistake we repeatedly make because the process is simply to painful for the ego.

for example:
I shouldn't have spent that much for dinner. Its was nice knowing I have zero (0) hutangs in my credit cards. Next time, take cash with you Pon. Don't swipe!
- Crititiscm should be taken with an open mind. Giving opinions should be carefully worded. You never know when your words are misconscrued.

The second phase is the Path of Knowledge:-

Begin by picking up a book, not for leisure but for the pursuit of knowledge - vocational or motivational.

Book of the week: China CEO

Read the book for 15 mins. Bookmark the important things you need to remember. Close the book and write down the various things you want to remember. Do this for 5 minutes. Normally, what you thought was critical is now forgotten. Keep doing this day by day till you finish the book. Go back to your notes and you will find a summarized version of the book read by you.

The third element is done within 10mins:-

Have a conversation with God - Seek, question and talk from your heart.

I found this excerpt very true-

If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith. If He delays, He is increasing your patience. If He doesn' answer, He has something better for you.

Life is beautiful right now.
I finally have a home of my own and I get to decorate it to my heart's content
I can travel anywhere I want with whomever I please
I am loved by the people who matters and its a wonderful feeling
I am able to see each hiccup, every pebble in my shoe as a small obstacle that will make me stronger in body, mind and soul.
Its a good feeling- that's why I am sharing this with the cyberworld!

Ooh..late for mass. Toodles!

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