Friday, April 21, 2006

Its a wrap for KL Lights!

I know I should of put this pix after the one below...but aiyah... don 't know what went wrong! That's Zehan and Nazzie getting wet. This is her last day on shoot for KL Lights. And since we saw the pool nearby...well....
Poor nazzie! He had the job to not only carry si Kenit, but he had to get wet with her!(she was clinging on to him for her dear life!)
Esther and Robert taking out Nazzie's personal belongings from his pants before (unwillingly) plunging in the pool with the adorable Zehan.

Nazzie (travis), Robert (producer/director), Esther (asst director),'Rishen', Zehan Marissa (Nadia), Daphne (as Daphne--how original Ain!), Andrew (mike) and Angeline (linda).

I was the last person on shoot to wrap for KL lights. Taken at Regency Hotel, KL.

Ser (makeup artist), Jeffery (cameraman), Lilianne (props), Doraemon (lighting), Daphne, Esther (asst director), Robert (producer/director), *for the life of me, I cant remember her name...sheet!* (conti cam 1), Gigi (conti cam 2/ asst editor), Ice (wardrobe), Lee (Lightingman/cameraman)

KL Lights.
We had our share of ups and downs.
But no regrets doing it, whatsoever.

Not seen here, 2 key people; our Executive Producers

Noorhaina Hirawani (Ain) : The Creator of the show
Ryan Chong: he da man!

* I have to salute our first director Justin Ong (he directed Pua, Elyna's baby project too!) and Joanne Kok @ jojo for doing an excellant job for the first 5 episodes!*

Ladies and gentleman; its a wrap for KL Lights!

*catch KL Lights on 8tv, every Sun at 10pm! I think the season ends 7th May!*

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  1. eh!? not doing another season?

    i was just about nak warm up to the series!

    apa raaa....