Sunday, April 2, 2006

From one job to another

Haven't been blogging in a bit. Busy trying to fight off the politics at the office.

TBS is scheduled to come on air tmrw and there has been a lot of drama happening. The 'resignation' of 'da man' has caused a mini tsunami...such a talented man. Feeling distraught that there will no longer be the 'original 4'-- but no matter how many times we plea and beg, the show must go on. I do wish him (and the rest?) all the best. I do hope someday, they will realize that what they think is not what it seems. I was truly looking forward to working with them--sigh. Didn't even want to be part of this show in the first place, but work is work and I have been instructed to do what the bosses want.
I have been affected deeply with some harsh rumors about my involvement with the show--rumors told by the ones who I thought were my new friends, but I have realized that its foolish to let this get to me, especially when I know the truth. And as much as it pains me, I guess putting proffesionalisme is what I should do right now. Forget the 'corridor chatter' and just do it.
Mockruns with Naz went well. Screwed up the first but the second day was much, much better. Right now, its just the producer and I-- tired but I am sure God has his plans.

Speaking of plans-- is it better to pre-plan everything or just go with the flow?

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