For the love of the game!

My bet is on Brazil or France. Nazzie was saying on the show, 'so typical of a woman to support the winning team' and I told him point blank, 'hey, I'm a gunners you see me supporting chelsea?'.
That shut him up a bit. *hee hee*
I have to admit though, I think Jose Mourinho is delicious! I'm sure many would agree with me --err..the ladies at least.

Being a bit anal--now that I have time to recuperate at home (thanks to the not-so-happening red swollen eye *thank you MrConjunctivitis*) I am preparing a mini World Cup database. Don't worry, I have not gone overboard like Ms Ain.

Work commences on Monday. Tomorrow in fact. The auditions of RockUnite takes place today and tommorrow.

Since I have a friggin eye disease, will not go in for the auditions today. God Bless Olly, Ben and Feris for being so understanding! (Although seriously, I bet they just don't want to get infected, and can't blame them for feeling this way!)

I'm getting restless though being at home all day. I have colour coordinated my shoes and clothes cabinet, bathed the pups twice, arranged the living room (got meself a mini pool table), had the curtains on my 4 poster bed fixed (thx boy!) and now in the midst of doing my World Cup database.

Go Brazil!!! (I have a trademark dance for the WorldCupChat of TheBreakfastShow-- check it out. TBS : from Mondays to Fridays, 8-10am on ntv7)