Friday, April 21, 2006

Eve meets Adam

Have been on the go and finally my body system decides to collapse on the week where jobs are a plenty! Drats! Conjunctivitis on my right eye. Thank God for Sheanzie-- so along side her (real) partner Nazzie, she covered for me on TBS, the Show worth waking up for !


Its nazzie and I on board. The whole thing is slowly taking a toll on the both of us. And guess what? Its seems like we'll be seeing each more with another project up our sleeve! Rocking on with ANOTHER show, I jokingly told him "I see you more than your other half!"

I remember doing my last scene for KLites with him when he got the call from the station asking him to 'consider doing a morning show' with yours truly. "aiyah...muka kau lagi!" was our response to each other.
Then 2 weeks after our TX on TBS, the Exec Director of RU calls him offering him the job as the 2nd host for RU! Sigh.... Sorry Nazzie'll just have to tahan another year of me.

Besides TBS and RU, I have agreed to be a regular writer for a new magazine soon to hit our local newstands. Oon Yeoh is the man behind the editorial Eve&Adam scheduled to be out in June.
5 of us were selected for this special project and we had the photo shoot for the cover 2 days ago. Amber was not with us though, heard someone close to her pass on-- but the rest of us had fun doing the shoot with Tom and Oon.

The ever sexy HannahTan, quirky SerenaC and gorgeous Jojo, it was one shoot I will remember.

Adam...adam...where art thou adam?

* btw, was watching RobbieWilliams 'eternity' music video. Bad boys are attractive, but heartbreakers. Perhaps not Robbie.

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