Friday, April 21, 2006

brazil vs China

Brazil playing hide and seek under Boboy's cap


No...its not the World Cup.
Its my 2 new pups who now live with me in my new house. I have given Gucci 'away' but still see him occasionally.

Brazil is Gucci's half brother. A little rascal who acts all tiny and vulnerable, but can be a pain to China- a pekinese who loves eating.
Bigger than Brazil by 3 inches, I bought her at the splur of a moment and have no regrets.
Boboy calls him ikan because of his goldfish-like eyes. I told Boy not to rename him (as he has done with LV, kakak's shitzu --he calls him Tuyu) and to address her by her proper name- China (named her that since she is a PEKIN(g)ESE and this breed was known as a faithful dog for the Empress of China.

Brazil vs China.

You'd think China being bigger, she would win right?
The smaller ones are always tougher.

That's why I am still surviving.


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