Tuesday, March 21, 2006

KEEp ME informed - F1 Sepang

What a bummer! So much for rooting for him. Some tell me he had umm..heavy err... he had a heavy lunch, hence the lack of concentration.

Kimi Rakkionen.

Despite his lack of verbal skills, (Ericsan reckons I would have known more than just his verbal skills IF ONLY I had....) he still remains my number 1 F1 idol--followed by Montoya and then Button (button nose hottie!)


Friends came and went and what a ball we all had! Told Ryan that Syed should be tourist guide if Events don't turn out well for him. Ericsan and Wayne Choo Choo Train...living proof that Hongkies ain't that bad. (OMG! How freaky is that? As I was typing AIN'T THAT BAD...my ipod nano played James Blunt 'Here We go Again' with the same, EXACT lyrics! Yaiks!)

I need to go for my montage shoot now.


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