Thursday, March 9, 2006

Episode 11- Frenemies

Had vegetable pork and cuttlefish last night, and this conversation took place:

I gave him everything for all these years...I did whatever he wanted to do, I allowed him to date other women while I drank coffee waiting for him. And when that bitch came into his life, I decided, finally, I will let him go; knowing that I can no longer resort to pleas, threats and tears to make him stay. I too have my pride you know?

I cried. We all did.

I know him too well. He will do all he can to get what he wants. Even if that woman is wrong for him; he told me-- you need not tell me; I am sure he will still proceed going out with her, winning her family over, despite his inner self telling him; "she ain't right for me". I can tell him he's a fool and ask him to leave her, but its all conflict of interest. And in the end, its his decision, so be it.

Exhale the smoke.

I'm okay. Really guys. Things will work out better. I know.Of course I still love him...its been how many years? But it is his decision.

Group hug.

Frenemies is Episode 11. Cool.

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