Monday, February 27, 2006

Welcome to the family

Look who has joined the family?
This is Silly my Star Tortoise. Billy is behind munching on grass. They are both less than 3" in length and because they are so tiny, I do not know their sex yet. Billy has a more distinguished star above his head and is the more active one. Silly prefers to bask in the light, only occasionally walking to his granite water bowl to dip his head in or to quench his thirst.

And this is Sparticus, my frilldragon. Because BB (and now Linda) refused me the privilege of naming their respective child Sparticus, I have decided to baptise Mr Frilly the honor.
Sparticus (or Sparky in short) is barely a finger long. Got him at a "good deal" of RM230 cause he has a crooked tail. Poops thinks its disgusting but has grown attached to him despite it all. Mum says I'm crazy.
Oh well.
Sparky feeds on mini crickets at this moment. So, about 10 or less crickets are also co-habitating in their unique home I got for them. (Sparky, Silly & Billy live together)
Took a look at them just now, and they seem fine. At least I don't have to bathe them unlike Gucci.
Speaking of Gucci, LV, the stray shitzu that my siblings have taken under their wing is healthier and has grown back all his fur. My father, (the anti -stray animal grouch) is now 100% attached to LV and though he won't say it openly, according to mum, he has been seen giving 'pup-talk' to LV lovingly when 'noone is looking'.
Anyway, when we were at the pet shop yesterday, mum said she wants to get some cologne for LV cause kakak and Boboy getting a bit tiffy that mum conviniently steals their Chanel and Michael Kors to spray on LV when she wants him nice smelling while she has him on her lap while watching her soap operas on telly.
So we got LV a classy looking cologne (not cheap either!) spray away mum! Just becareful with his eyes.
Ok...going to see what Silly Billy and Sparky is up to.

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