Soong Sisters

I just finished drying the tears in my eyes. To those who have not watched the Soong Sisters, please do so. Very interesting and it made me understand the Chinese revolution better.

You know the feeling you get after reading a good book, or watching a good movie? The type that makes you have to stop to take a few moments to recollect yourself? The need to detach yourself from the characters in the book or movie because if you don't, watching another movie or reading another book will somewhat make you feel guilty and less focused?

Well, that's how I feel right now. After a mundane week, -- doing the "not so out of norm- but hardly have time for it now" activities like spring cleaning, gardening and enjoying the solitude of my 3 storey house-- was like a breath of fresh air! Going through the dvds and cds I have bought, but have not watched or listened to, is yet another part of the pleasure activities I am indulging this weekend since my drama shoot is bearable, giving me more time to chill out and be me.
Played by Michelle, Vivian and Maggie, the movie made me think back of my childhood with Kakak and Boboy. How much fun we had despite the lack of funds my family had. The time when mum and dad were studying in foreign land and our only source of entertainment was the country walks daddy used to take us with our packed lunchboxes and gleeful hearts.
The Soong sisters.
One loves money, the middle loves power and the baby girl loves her country.
I know many crave for all three. I know some rub shoulders with those who crave the three...hoping and wishing that someday, they too can have it all. I know some who have accepted and given treats, just to be able to be part of that high ranking prestige group . I know some who have lowered themselves to betray a friend to serve the boss-- and in return, gets his fair share of twisted passion to fulfill his sexual desires.
It is not wrong to have dreams to being rich, powerful and famous...But make sure noone gets hurt in the process.
The Soong sisters had their indifferences, but they stuck by each other despite their political preferences.
I hope kakak and I never have to fight again.