He has grown so so much and I love him ! The other day, he surprised us when he jumped on the day bed enthusiastically! (It was 3 times his height).Barely 7 months old and already very matured my Gucci. He is slowly adapting to his new hairstyle and learning to get down from the steps. Slowly weaning him to wee wee in the garden. He has touched and melted the hearts of many, including those who never liked pets in the first place.

Gucci will always be the LOML cause he is loyal and will never betray me. Even when I leave him with his surrogate parents, the moment he hears me coming, he will dash and give me the most adorable, lovable welcome and I am very proud to be his mummy.

Mummy loves you Gucci boy!
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  1. The love of Ur life is really cute...hehe.


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