Mona lisa...mona lisa...lost her smile...

Today Drian leaves the house, and now I have the whole house all to myself. Sure is quiet around here. In fact, for the past few days, things have been very, very quiet. Went to Anis’s house to watch KLights and supper with the girls. It was good being with them, but then I felt alone again as I was driving home to an empty house. I wished Australia was just a stone away then.
Watched the movie MonaLisa’sSmile and felt a connection to Betty ( I think that’s the characters’ name—watched it last year, and watched the last part again on HBO just now—so not quite sure). She files a divorce with her husband, Spencer and decides, against her (control freak) mother’s wishes, to live with the ‘New York Slut’ and continue her studies. Her husband does not touch her, does not make love to her, does not want her. A sexless marriage indeed.

How is it, that a man, who’s sexual prowess is so great…so twisted… he won’t touch his wife? It’s strange how some men decide to sleep with hookers/escorts and is so insecure (or over confident) with himself, that they need to constantly flirt, fcuk and dump women—in the snap of the fingers. Not all men though. And it can happen the other way round too. I know some women, so insecure (or over confident) with themselves, they sleep with married men or basically break the rules of thumb in ethical dating.

I just hope for those who broke the rules of ethical dating, to be careful and wary, cause its always a bed of roses in the beginning—there must be a reason why the vase broke and is no longer aesthetically beautiful or functioning well. It might have cost a million ringgit, but the damage is there. And to the ones who place lust above love, may you have room in your heart to see the wonders of being in love. It is a nice feeling being in love with JUST ONE person. To those who broke the rules, and are living happily, Praise the Lord cause at least the pain you caused others is seemingly worth it. Make sure it’s a nice decent proposal and that you have thought about the consequences though.

I have decided that I am going to give myself 3 more months to stick around in the station. I am thinking of continuing my studies—take my Phd or study law. Mr Ubersexual was my motivational factor today. Doctorate in DBA. Say what?
Or do my Montessori course.
Or open a shoe business elsewhere
Who knows?

Mona Lisa. Doesn’t mean she’s smiling; she is happy.