Saturday, February 18, 2006

love comes in many forms

In many forms indeed, does love come.
Romantic love
Parental love
Family love
Friendship love
and so on.

What happens when one loves more than the other? What happens when one feels its more of friendship love than romantic love? Or heaven forbid, lust?
And what happens when you betray the love for the love of friendship with someone else?
And how do you know its love?
And what if the lost love refuses to love the betrayer?
And what if the betrayer misses the lost love?
And what if a friend is involved? Does the lost love tell the friend?
And what if the betrayed does not want to listen?
And what if other people object to the love?
And what happens when one loves from afar?
And what happens when one is not loved back?

Love is definately never easy to deal with.

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