Monday, February 20, 2006

Like a sandwich

For breakfast today, I had cheese and butter sandwich with my 3-in-1 milo. Munching away on my roti while waiting for my dramedy shoot, I received a call from an unknown number. Not wanting to pick up the phone, I left it ringing. Afterall, if its REALLY important, the person will a) leave a voicemessage or b)leave an sms.
Anyway, it turned out, the caller was a friend of mine residing in HK. Asked me whether I wanted to go and watch F1 in March together. Recalling my vow to 'live life to the fullest', 'sieze the day', 'life is too short-- live it with passion' mumbo-jumbo, I said yes. So now, I have VIP passes to watch the race despite my past reluctance to go under the scorching sun at Sepang to watch noisy racecars whiz past by me, when I could watch all this in the comfort of my own home-- no need the jam, queues, scorching hot sun and noise pollution. But like what I had promised myself, its time for a change.
And then it hit me as I checked my schedule on my PDA...Shmuck! I have the dramedy shoot going on the same day! So now I'm stuck. STUCK SHMUCK indeed I am.
There are times like this where you are caught in the middle. When you promise one thing to something, someone, somewhere; but you have to break it cause you stupidly forgot about the prior promise to another.
I have had my share of 'stupidness'-- more to sheer lack of memory , than remorseful intention.
There have even been times, when I was threatened to keep quiet about the whole thing, and I did. Sadly.
What do you do when you are caught in between friendship and a business partner?
What if you have refrain from telling your lover certain things because you know he'll be mad with the knowledge you know about the business?
What if you know your bestfriend's man is fooling around? And that man is your boss?Or worst still, your ex?
How do you tell a guest of the house that he has overstayed his stay without hurting the friendship?
How do you speak to your boyfriend about your discomfort with his pals and his family without risking a breakup?
How do you tell your parents that you are pregnant out of wedlock and wish to keep the baby?
How do you tell the world you are in love but the man you are in love with has a wife and 4 children?
Caught in the middle. Like the cheese in my sandwich.
ps: I'm going for the race on day 2 and will shoot the dramedy on day 1.

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