I'm broke but I'm happy, I'm poor but I'm kind, I'm short but I'm healthy yea...

When you are in a dillema, it always helps listening to 'feel good' songs to perk you up. I have reached the crossroad in my life; careerwise. I am not sure whether I should stay or should I go; should I park at the side of the road, see the other cars whiz by and go with the flow of traffic; or go where the road is less busy and see the view from there?
Can I do without the things I have grown accustomed too?
Can I afford to leave that line behind?
Do I WANT to leave that path I have travelled for the past 3 years?
I am not growing any younger, realized this last night.
The red tank top I swore I would never throw away, was worn and kept and exchanged for something less outrageous on my way for supper last night.
"what's wrong with that shirt? Come...lets go"
"Its too loud la..its too sexy. Give me a minute. Need to run upstairs to change the top"

So from the red top, I paired my khaki pants with a beige, cotton MNG shirt.

B-O-R-I-N-G you say?

Tell me about it. Joining the news and current affairs department, I am to colour my hair lighter. I said NO. And this is the same person whose hair has gone from purple, orange, blonde, blue and red--- BACK THEN.

"I like my black hair. It looks healthy"

"Tak boleh yang...hang kena colour...nampak funky sikit on screen. Bubuh highlights sikit. Baru urban looking"


"So I look kampung with my black hair...hmm.."

"takde..nampak flat on screen. We need to portray a funkier, more urban image"

I'm fumbly, vulnerable and trying so hard.

Life is about choices.


  1. are u growing in totality?please do not mess things up by bring fame n fortune to the table.is your current life strengthening your core foundation?


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