Saturday, February 18, 2006

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend would of heard this song a million times (listen to FLY and you know what I mean), the words are beautiful, but now that it has become another "lagu bas" (= too commercial), I am starting to get bored of beautiful as the lyrics are...

First heard the song before it hit the radio stations like a tsunami... now, this song is a special 'jest' song between us.

Goodbye my lover...goodbye my friend...

Ain: Yeah...but you should of seen my face when Ryan started the car and james sang "so long long friend"!

Me:You got to be kidding me?

Ain: was like a sign that we all made the right choice.

Me:Oh wow! James has OTHER songs besides "your beautiful" and "goodbye my lover...goodbye my friend'?

Ain: Eh la you know James so well want to call him James!

Me: =P

For the EPs and mini me EP of KLites: To a new beginning! To a new friendship! To a new Jimmy.

RAD has left the building.

ps: On a personal note; I feel sad that it had to come this way with MES. It was wonderful while it lasted and I'm sure everyone will benefit from this. I pray.

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