Thursday, February 16, 2006

Giving the role to someone who deserves it

I was shortlisted for a job with 3 other pals in the industry. Since I have signed a contract to keep mum about the whole project, the most I can say about this new reality show is-- KickAssPotential - provided of course, the production team doesn't F up-- AND if they choose the RIGHT hosts.

When I came for the first audition, and was briefed-- I knew that Shortz was the best person to do it. Not only cause she is fluent in both Malay and English, but because she is a rocker chick herself and well...just because. I suggested her name to the agency. And that was that.

3 weeks later, they called me for a 2nd audition. 4 names were shortlisted in which 2 will be chosen. I tried it out with both the male hosts-- they needed to see the chemistry. Tried again without the script the 3rd time over. They called me in the room for a 'private chat'. I was briefed more thoroughly and they negotiated my pre-terms with me.

They asked my views on the whole show. And I gave my honest reply. I told them they needed a host who could speak fluent Malay and English. To cut the story short, I suggested Shortz name again-- this time with added drama and with all the persuasion skills I had left in my tired body. They were surprised with my 'noble' suggestion (given the fact that I was making way for someone else to take my job), but they decided to call her.

I received an email from her yesterday-- thanking me profusely for "highly recommending her name" to the agency. Spoke to NazzieBoy on shoot a minute ago, and heard the audition went well. Some might call me silly for suggesting her name when "I was gunning for the job too", but in sincere reality, I see the potential of the show, and being in production, I know what makes and breaks a show-- and I have to admit, I think Shortz is underutilized.

It's the same with relationships I guess. Why some relationships end -- why couples break up, why they fall out of love with the one they swore their undying love to. This has happened to me --twice. One more painful than the other cause it involved a friend. But then I realized that my love with my ex, was never meant to be. And although it was a bitter pill to swallow, learning about their new found love for each other, I know deep inside that they deserve each other and I am meant for another.
So as the plane took off to another place, I waved them goodbye.
Being left alone was a true blessing. Lonely but nice.
Today I washed the car in the porch, did some gardening, cleaned the study room and cleared my jewellery box. Took down some pictures, added a few-- went through some letters and caressed the dried lilies before keeping them again in its original place. Smsed Drian to buy some groceries, watched a bit of channel 12 and headed for my drama shoot.
As I type this while watching NazzieBoy get hit upon a banana holding extra, I smile a little smile knowing deep inside that I am still loved elsewhere.

I must admit I miss you
But I know you do what you do is for me
Lessons are taught in karma
I just hope it won't happen in threes

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