Monday, February 20, 2006

Fun with Dick&Jane

Went to watch this movie with a pal the other day and rate it a 6/10.

A remake of the Jane Fonda-George Segal 1977 original, the 2005 remake is a smart satire of everyday American life. This slapstick comedy played by Jim Carrey (the new producer of KLites looks like the Chinky version of him) and Tea Leoni, as married couple Dick and Jane , who pursue the American dream, fuelled by the much anticipated promise of promotion to VP (the post of VicePresident 'sounds' like a big post in Msia...but is it really?) at Globodyne, a worldwide leader in the consolidation of media properties (MediaPrima anyone?).
Alas, misfortune strikes when Dick loses his job on his first day in an Enron-like calamity. Plunged into the cesspool of unemployed and under threat of having their lawn repossessed, they turn to playing modern like RobinHood to survive.... Apparently, real people of Enron are featured in this movie.
Though I can't really see the chemistry between Jim and Tea (but then again, with Jim's character, very hard to see him romantically involved with anyone), I must say the part where he starts stealing patches of grass to 'redo' his already balding garden for his wife is rather sweet and endearing. And their Spanish-induced speaking son, Billy is utterly adorable.
Golden class tickets don't come cheap, but comfortable reclining armchairs with Shandy to boot compensates the price. I rate OU's GCS GoldClass as 7.
Popcorn anyone?

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