Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Styling the girls with BBLuvsMe!

My girls wearing bbluvsme and lurvin it!

I am so blessed for these two girls in my life. Life is not always a bed of roses, but I am grateful that through thick and thin, these babies of mine keep me going and the sanity intact.

Iman Daniella is learning how to stand on her own now, much to Isobel Daniella's delight! (Bel told me if I have another child, please make sure the baby is able to walk and talk straight away so she has an immediate playing partner). She wobbles a bit, but is able to stand on her own for at least 3 seconds. ( I was not around to see Isobel learn to walk, so this is something new and exciting for me)

Isobel, on the other hand -- is getting more and more like my older sister, Michelle. Preferring dresses to pants and having her own mind in choosing her clothes, (she chose all the dresses/attire online for both adik and her) I am unable to convince her to try my gypsy/boho look -- maybe I'll try again next week.

Notice how Bel has chosen a lime green tank top and a similar blue one for her adik? She calls the brown polkadottish trimmings on the left side of the sleeveless tank as her "pom-poms".  Adik just wants to bite them off.

More of Fashion savviness with the Iking-Azmis in my future posts.


Daphne (& Isobel)

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