Sunday, August 17, 2008

TBS interview with Mr Wong Yu Jin

Should I grow out my fringe or keep it peeps?


  1. you definitely look better without fringe...

  2. Yeah, I agreed too u look better without fringe

  3. Without fringe pretty please :D

  4. you look fabulous without the fringe! :)

  5. well, i guess its more to what look/style you prefer.

    my opinion, you look more feminine without a fringe while with a fringe a bit more young & girly. (hey, i'm not saying that you look old without a fringe ok *lol*)

    since you have a fringe at the moment, i think you look better if your fringe is swept to the side instead of covering your entire forehead! (the tempurung style). you look better in the vid on "am i a carrie..." compared to "TBS interview with Wong Yu Jin"

    Cheers & kisses to cutie Isobel! :)

  6. Really?? Everyone's saying grow out the fringe??

    I say keep it. I can't name any other M'sian celebrity that looks hot with a fringe. Lemme think....


    nope. (Sorry ya, Sazzy - if she reads this - I adore you but not the fringe).

    My mom, avid viewer of TBS thinks so too. She says, and I quote "I like Daphne with her fringe. She looks so pretty and young and fun. Ndak macam biasa".

    So.. anyways, that's just us. Apa pun, you still look gorgeous! Just don't do a Britney! :)