Karaoke (Japanese: カラオケ, from 空 karano, "empty" or "void", and オーケストラ ōkesutora, "orchestra") is a form of entertainment in which an amateur singer or singers sing along with recorded music on microphone. The music is typically of a well-known song in which the voice of the original singer is absent or reduced in volume. Lyrics are usually also displayed, sometimes including color changes synchronized with the music, on music video to guide the sing-along.

Karaoke has been a popular form of entertainment beginning first in Japan, then the rest of East Asia, since at least the 1980s, and has since spread to other parts of the world. Karaoke engenders quite a bit of culture specific to its enthusiasts, and this culture, unsurprisingly, varies from country to country.

Well...I went for Ka-la-ok with Alvin and Chelsia one fine afternoon... and man they can SING! Proceeded with my running man and Gloria Gaynor impersonation...which led to some very curious stares from the people outside.

"I remember when rock was young..me and suzie had so much fun..." (Crocodile Rock - Billy Joel)

Yes, I have the weirdest taste in music (as I was told!) My cd collection in the car (lucky DD can swallow 6 at a time in front) -is a mixture of a strange combo.

I love country music ( I'm a little country...I'm a little bit rock and roll),

I love the roaring 60s and flower power 70s (Power to all our friends...to the music that never ends...to the people we want to be...baby power to you and me),

I have the good old 90s (all right STOP colloborate and listen..Ice is back with a brand new invention) then there is jazz ( The minute you walked in the joint...I could see you were a man of distinction..A real big spender...Good lookin' so refined..Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind?), (this cd I 'burn' myself!)tsk tsk...

and siapa boleh melupakan band dari Indon ya? (bila yang tertulis untukku...adalah yang terbaik untukmu..kan kujadikan kau kenangan yang terindah dalam hidupku)

then there's my *blush* Paris album (Since I'm already screwed...Here's a message to you...My heart's wide open...I'm just not getting through to the lover in you..Yet I'm still hoping..That tonight, tonight, you're gonna turn down the lights...And give me a little more room just to prove it to you...What do I gotta do?)

and finally my retro dance music (shiny disco balls...)


Last weeks combo was different - Sheila Majid, Gwen Stefani, Madonna, Guns and Roses, Carpenters, Jason Lo and a kadazan compilation album.

2 weeks back it was this - Dionne Warwick, Stacy Kent, Kenny Rogers, Belinda Carlise, Wilson Philips and Fort Minor.

Varied indeed my taste and genre is of music. (saying this with my yoda-like Adidas hooded sweater)

Might just go karaoke-ing tonight if time permits!

First song- Stay (I miss you), Lisa Loeb
Second song- Insensitive, Jan Arden

Alv ah...want to join? =)

Ooh..btw, catch Alvin, Chelsia and Nazzie on Realiti 10pm every Sunday on 8tv. Its really good!


  1. Hi Daphne,

    I went in search of your blog when you announced on TBS one of the days that your blogged. For some reason I like reading blogs.

    Just dropped by to say Hi.

    You sound kinda blue of late. Hope all is well or will get well. TBS is not the same without you.


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